Brandon Relph, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, spends a few hours each night on his business – and now employs 23 people across 13 countries

A tech entrepreneur has built up a computer game business employing more than 20 people and made £10,000 at the tender age 15.

Brandon Relph, who started his business last year, employs 23 people across 13 countries who help him build whatever his clients want in the mega-popular game Minecraft.

Brandon, who started his business goCreative with a German teenager called Florian, said: “I was first introduced to Minecraft when I was about 10 or 11.

 Minecraft entrepreneur Brandon Relph.
Entrepreneur: Brandon Relph has already made his first £10,000

“The game cost me £10. That was the best £10 I have ever spent.

“My aim now is to make £10,000 by my 16th birthday and I am already there with that one.”

 Minecraft entrepreneur Brandon Relph.
Plan: The boy combines his business with school and a busy social life

The teen began coding at the age of ten and since the age of 15 has spent a few hours each night working on his business, while still finding time for his homework.

Brandon, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, and Florian are currently reinvesting their profits with a hope to expand further.

Brandon added: “We both live with our parents and we don’t really need to take much of an income from the business.”

 Minecraft entrepreneur Brandon Relph.
Dream: The young man wants to become a spy

Businesses pay goCreative to advertises their products or services within Minecraft.

For instance, a film production company may want to recreate a scene from their film within the game.

Ambitious Brandon is aiming for A* grades in his GCSEs and hopes to study computer sciences at either Oxford or Cambridge so that he can fulfil his dream of being a spy.

Teen Minecraft entrepreneur makes first £10,000 before his 16th birthday