The first round of Minecraft's four-week Galactic Mission championships was held Saturday at the City Center 15: Cinema de Lux in White Plains. This Minecraft experience is a custom, space-themed adventure in which gamers build and battle together in a fun environment inside a movie theater instead of at home.

Gamers of all ages had the opportunity to play face-to-face against other video game enthusiasts in the theater as well as against thousands of others across the world, while watching the action unfold live on the big screen.

Some local players will be reporting for from the “battle front.” This week, meet StarLord:

Who I am: Hello, I am StarLord and I am 11-years-old and live in New Rochelle. I have been playing Minecraft for 5 years and I love it because I get to build whatever I want and how I want, too. I am in control of the building. I am also on my school newspaper, I enjoy reading books, playing other video games and playing with Legos.

The coolest part of playing on Saturday: I enjoyed playing with other kids like me who are into Minecraft.

Round 1 recap:  At first I started to build a volcano. It was hard because I was trying to make it as realistic as possible in a short time.  I think I did okay; it was a little hard because I kept getting killed by other players who were faster than me.

How hard or easy is it?  I am used to playing on my PS4 or my PC. This was my first time playing on a laptop and it was a little difficult using the laptop mouse, but once I got the hang of it, I started playing a lot better. The games are timed for building; you have to think quickly on what you are going to build.

What’s the competition like?  There are a lot of really good players here; I have never played with so many players at the same time, but it really awesome to see Minecraft on the BIG screen. The competition was cool; I have never played in one before, but I had a lot of fun today!

Strategy for next week:  I don’t know yet, but I will practice a lot this week to get better for Round 2.

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‘Starlord' reports on first round of Minecraft's Galactic Mission