It never fails to blow my mind just how incredibly deep the game of Minecraft is. What on the surface seems like an adventure that's all about exploring, crafting, block-building and survival has evolved into something that's sophisticated enough people can build working computers inside the game itself. The world of iPhone games hasn't been immune to the “can you make it in Minecraft” phenomenon, and we've seen versions of both Plague Inc. and Flappy Bird recreated inside Mojang's masterpiece. However, this next one takes things to a whole new level. As noted by TUAW, a German Minecraft player has built a functioning iPhone-like device inside of Minecraft. Not only does the device “work” but it even has useable apps. Unfortunately, the following video is not in English, but I still found it impossible to turn off until I'd seen the entire 13 minutes.

via Someone Has Made a Working iPhone Inside of ‘Minecraft' | Touch Arcade.