The world of Fallout 4 is a pretty dangerous place. There are radscorpions, raiders, super mutants and the occasional deathclaw.

Surviving in the Wasteland isn't easy. At it turns out, Minecraft players know something about surviving as well.

Those who have ventured into Mojang's sandbox know that survival isn't easy there, either. Players must find food, craft shelter and avoid the dangers of the night, like the oh-so-terrifying creeper, which, in a single explosion, can ruin a day's worth of hard work. Perhaps then, the worlds of Fallout and Minecraft go together better than one might expect, as this Fallout 4 mod clearly shows.

The mod comes from user mirci33, and they've done a great job of recreating Minecraft‘s signature blocky look. It even includes Minecraft enemies like creepers, skeletons and spiders, albeit weird, Fallout versions of the creatures. Even Minecraft mascot Steve makes an appearance, sporting gold or diamond armor. Just as in regular Fallout, players can explore this Minecraft world and battle the realm's creatures to gain XP.

While it does feature Minecraft enemies and Minecraft‘s visuals, that's as far as the mod currently goes. Players can't dig into the Earth to discover precious metals like in real Minecraft, and it doesn't seem like any Minecraft-style crafting system has been implemented. The description of the mod talks about it as a portal accidentally created by Steve that introduces the horrors of the Wasteland to the world of Minecraft, but it honestly might be the other way around. Creepers are pretty darn terrifying, regardless of what universe in which they are currently residing — especially when they vaguely look like astronauts.

(Photo : mirci33)

This is just one of the latest mods to come from the Fallout 4 community. Recently, mods have taken on an even more important role for an even larger number of gamers, as mod support recently arrived for consoles. Now, console players can download new quests, improve the game's visuals and gain new weapons and armor, all for free. Might this Minecraft mod make its way to Xbox One? It would be fitting, given that Microsoft owns both Xbox and Minecraft, but something tells us Microsoft might not be too happy to see its property recreated in another game.

You can read more about how to install Fallout 4 mods on consoles here.

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