If there’s a single game that has defined this decade, it has to be Minecraft. Not only has the game sold over 100 million copies since launch, but it also prompted Microsoft to buy developer Mojang for $2.5 billion in 2014.

It’s a phenomenon unlike any other in the medium, but despite the fact that players have spent countless hours exploring the game’s infinite worlds, they probably wouldn’t want to recreate Minecraft in real life

YouTube channel Nukazooka released a video this week showing off what it might look like if the popular indie game was suddenly transposed over the real world. At first it looks relatively peaceful… but then the zombies appear:

Who knew that Minecraft could be so terrifying?

The game itself is far more intense than a blocky screenshot might suggest, but zombies, creepers and endermen are truly the stuff of nightmares when they make their way to our world. Still, it would be pretty fun to punch a tree a few times and watch it topple to the ground.

If you liked what you saw, director Andrew McMurry has plenty of other clever videos with impressive visual effects on his channel.

See what Minecraft would look like in the real world