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In the midst of celebrating the third anniversary since 4J Studios first brought Minecraft to home consoles, the developer still found the time to improve one of the newest versions of the game by releasing a new patch for the Xbox One edition of Minecraft. Developer 4J Studios announced the launch of the latest Xbox One update via their official Twitter account on Thursday.

On the Minecraft forums, the developer further detailed exactly what was fixed in this week’s minor title update. As 4J Studios previously confirmed, the latest patch fixes an issue where split-screen players could experience flying and floating animals within the Xbox One edition of Minecraft. The new Minecraft update also helps prevent several game crashes and improves performance inside network games. The complete patch notes can be found below for convenience.

  • Fixed an issue causing flying animals in a split-screen offline game.
  • Fixed a memory leak causing crashes after prolonged play sessions.
  • Fixed a problem with dropped items sinking below the ground.
  • Fixed an issue with TNT explosions.
  • Fixed a problem with baby villagers collision height.
  • Fixed a few issues with players joining a network game.

Xbox owners can also pick up all three currently available Minecraft birthday skin packs as 4J Studios is currently offering the free add-ons to honor the third anniversary since Minecraft was initially launched on the Xbox 360 in 2012. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the free birthday DLC packs are now available to download on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One for a limited time.


Minecraft – Console Editions

Roger Carpenter, who has served as the lead producer on both Xbox editions of Minecraft, reminded fans to pick up all three anniversary skin packs since they will soon go away for another year. Carpenter confirmed that the free Minecraft DLC will no longer be available to download staring Monday, May 18.

“You only have a few more days in which to download the 3x free Minecraft Birthday Skin Packs on your Xbox One or X360! gone 18th May!”

Every year, 4J Studios has released a new free skin pack on the launch anniversary of Minecraft. While the content is only made available for a few weeks, the developer rereleases each of the birthday packs alongside a new DLC every year. This marks the first time that any of the birthday add-ons have been released for the Xbox One since this is the first anniversary that has transpired since Minecraft was released on current-gen platforms last summer.

Say Goodbye To Flying Animals In ‘Minecraft’ With The Latest Xbox One Title Update