Redditor Requag has created a nearly fully functional replica of Pokémon FireRed on a virtual Game Boy Advance in Minecraft, making it one of the most elaborate and interactive creations every built in the game.

The replica isn't 100 percent complete yet. The game is still missing basic functions of the game, including combat and dialogue, but on their YouTube page, Requag said they're still working on it and they have plans to incorporate those abilities later on. The goal, they said, is to make it a fully functional version of the game that people in Minecraft can play, but they wanted to get out a version of it as quickly as possible. The video, which can be seen above, demonstrates how structure blocks within Minecraft can be used to create something as intricate and elaborate as this. Requag used structure blocks, which are designed for map makers, to keep the design of Pokémon FireRed identical to the original game.

Requag added that if people wanted to try out the basic version of the Pokémon recreation, there's absolutely no modding required. All it takes to run is version 1.10 of Minecraft. While the recreation is extremely impressive, it doesn't exactly feel like a Pokémon game. Minecraft can't keep up with the input controls needed to make the recreation run smoothly, but it's still an interesting look at what can be built inside the game.

For those interested in exploring Pokémon within Minecraft, more information can be found here.

Player recreates working Pokémon on virtual Game Boy Advance in Minecraft