Play ‘Minecraft’ in a Movie Theater With Super League Gaming (Sponsored)

This is a pretty slick idea – setting up a Minecraft server and projecting gameplay on a movie theater screen, letting teams of gamers compete and have fun in a custom environment:

Now your family can play Minecraft in select movie theaters across the nation with Super League Gaming. In this four-week series, Super League brings together gamers of all ages for a fun, social, face-to-face gameplay experience on the big screen with superhero themed maps and mods in a custom Minecraft adventure called, Rise of Heroes.

Your gamers will play, collaborate and socialize on teams with 4-7 members their own age as they build, battle and use their creativity and imagination. Minecraft encourages teamwork and helps develop skills like reading, organization, planning, and problem solving.

Super League even provides all the tech help and support making this a great family-friendly event. Parents and siblings can watch for free and cheer their gamer on making this fun for all. Each player gets a free gaming t-shirt encouraging team building and camaraderie.

There’s even an opportunity for the winning team to evenly split a college scholarship. League starts April 30. Check for a schedule of locations and times.

Even better, since they’re sponsoring us, you can get a special code and save some money. Use the coupon code “GeekDad10” to get $10 off the ticket price. For more info, you can follow them on Twitter,@joinsuperleague or to get updates and news.

Play ‘Minecraft’ in a Movie Theater With Super League Gaming (Sponsored)