Peter is very interested in Minecraft and is always willing to help somebody else out regardless how it affects him. Peter sits with his grandfather every morning and reads the newspaper.

What is your favorite thing about Minecraft?

The main thing about Minecraft on my X­Box 360 is building houses and small villages for my brother. I am a true artist.

What other games do you like to play?

I like to play Rango on my X­Box 360. In this game, I am a lizard and I fight off the bad brutes and henchmen, people who are “wanted” by the sheriff’s posse. I also play Quantum 007.

You have a special bond with your Grandpa, what do you enjoy doing with him?

My grandpa is always happy and he loves me with all of his heart. He makes my lunch and he treats me to toys when I do my chores and behave appropriately. My grandparents are very special to me.

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to be a teacher like Ms. Matie. I think I want to teach the big kids because I can teach them everything they need to know.

What do you like most about your school?

I like that we go to recess, sometimes I get to help Mrs. Nahrgang and I love my teacher Ms. Matie.

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