Your Lego Steve and Alex minifigs are great, but you’re pretty limited when it comes to faithful Lego clothing options. Fortunately the new Minecraft Skin Packs have arrived to address that little problem.

Sure, you could easily just pop Steve’s head onto one of the numerous extra torsos you have laying around, but that wouldn’t look very Minecraft-y, would it? There’s just too much non-pixelated printing on most minifigs… though Steve could probably get away with slipping on the video gamer’s or DJ’s t-shirts.

lego minecraft skin packs

Now, though, Lego’s got some authentic options for you. They’ve put together a pair of skin packs, and they’re pretty much the minifig equivalent of the ones you’ve been buying for your digital Minecraft characters for years.

lego minecraft skin packs

Each Lego Minecraft Skin Pack comes with four complete(ly pixelated) minifigs. They’re skinned head to toe, and Lego throws in an accessory for each, including shovels, picks, swords, axes, and bows. These are regular minifigs, too, so you’re free to take them apart and reassemble them as you please. They aren’t frustratingly fused like Lego’s magnets are.

The Skin Packs are on sale over on Lego’s official online shop, and you’ll probably be able to find them at your favorite brick(no pun intended)-and-mortar stores soon, too. They go for $14.99 each, which makes them the cheapest way you can pick up a handful of Minecraft minifigs to add to your collection by five bucks.

Minecraft and Lego have proved to be a perfect fit, so you can probably count on additional skin packs launching in the future. You know, until the franchise stops printing money.

New Lego Minecraft packs let you show some skin