(Photo credit: Studio Ghibli)

(Photo credit: Studio Ghibli)

For fans of My Neighbor Totoro, you can now experience the world of that wonderful film inside Minecraft.

Totoro was a brilliant 1988 anime film created by Studio Ghibli and is a charming coming of age tale. Dealing with a family that has recently moved to the Japanese countryside, they encounter somewhat mystical and entirely benevolent creatures. There’s also a giant catbus, so there’s also that to consider.

The movie was also both a critical and commercial hit and the titular character of Totoro now adorns Studio Ghibli’s cinematic titles as a consequence.

Considering the nature of the movie, Totoro hasn’t had much in the way of video game game adaptations over the years. Minecraft then just feels like a wonderful fit for this, as it is ideally suited for a more sandbox feel and just allows you to wander around a world and explore it at your own leisure.

This recreation is also part of a much bigger fan based project called Ghibli World undertaken by Alan Becker and friends, which also features other recreations from equally famous Studio Ghibli films within Minecraft.