Attention Minecraft fans. Mojang this week launched a new LootCrate-like swag box just for you.

The $29.99 Mine Chest promises all types of Minecraft surprises and DIY crafting projects you'll be able to do at home. Each month, you'll get an exclusive Minecraft T-shirt, plus toys, collectables, and more. The boxes are designed for all ages and meant to “last well beyond the un-boxing,” according to the Mine Chest site.

“When you play Minecraft, you never know what you're going to find when you break past those next few blocks, and that feeling of anticipation can be quite exciting,” Mojang Brand Director Lydia Winters wrote in a blog post. “Well, we wanted to bring that same sense of discovery and creativity, but with cool monthly shipments of Minecraft gear.”

You can sign up now if you're interested, and the first package ships May 2016.

“Each month a care package of Minecraft collectibles is sourced from an in-game location and shipped straight to your front door,” the Mine Chest site promises. “Who doesn't love to get packages? Especially from places as far away as the Jungles, Frozen Plains, and even the Nether.”

At this point, Mine Chest is only available for U.S. Minecrafters, but if you live elsewhere, don't feel too left out. Mojang is “working on a grand plan to get these boxes of joy out to the world,” Winters wrote.

The new service is, of course, similar to Loot Crate, a subscription service that focuses on all things nerd. The $20-per-month Lootboxes contain six or more techie, comic, and/or gamer items customized to a different ‘geeky' theme.

Mojang Launches Loot Crate-Like Swag Box for Minecraft