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Jens Bergensten, one of the Minecraft developers working at Mojang, has recently announced that the team is working on a brand new dungeon and new features.

Describing what he was doing Jens confirmed, via the social networking website Twitter, that the team is “working on upcoming features!” Without going into any details he went on to add that currently it revolves around “A new ‘dungeon’, with blocks and mobs, [which is] very different from the other dungeons.”

Jens, who took over Minecraft’s development from creator Markus “Notch” Persson in 2011 to become the lead designer and developer, has not yet revealed if these new features will be released as part of Minecraft 1.9. Up until now we have been lead to believe that the 1.9 update will be focused around combat, with Mojang even reaching out to fans for their thoughts and opinions.

minecraft bugged dungeon

While Jens has not confirmed if they are linked, he has also posted a screenshot (seen above) of what happened during the design process of a new feature. It seems to have a similar structure to that of existing dungeons, with a sprawling network of rooms to be explored by players. Alongside the image he simply put that when working on new features for Minecraft they “sometimes produce surprising

Mojang Confirm A New “Dungeon” Is Being Made For Minecraft