For the first time ever, Mojang now has the ability to see how many people are playing Minecraft — as it happens — on PC.

And as of 9:20 AM EST, there were one million people playing Minecraft at a single moment. Not impressed? Considering 9:20 AM isn’t the peak time that people play Minecraft, that number will be spiking up at a certain time in the day.

The million morning Minecraft-ers count only looks at individuals playing on PC (Win/OS X/Linux), versions 1.3 and higher. That’s a lot of people not included in the count. Minecraft is available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Vita, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, there are plenty of people with these devices and plenty of them bought Minecraft.

All of this news was obtained from Nathan Adams, a developer at Mojang. While he revealed this news the less thrilled fans questioned whether or not the ability to change names was coming to Minecraft. The answer is, “Very soon, yes.

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