Microsoft wasn’t afraid to talk about potential videogame applications for its Windows Holographic technology and the HoloLens head-mounted display (HMD) at a reveal event earlier today. In fact the company even teased a new version of the ever-popular Minecraft series, which it acquired for $2.5 billion USD back in 2014, would be coming to the platform. Surprisingly, it appears that there isn’t just one Minecraft HoloLens project in development however; there are in fact two that are apparently very different.


That is according to developer Mojang’s Jens Bergensten, who revealed as much following the reveal event. “I’ve tried 2 Minecraft projects on #HoloLens,” Bergensten wrote on Twitter. “One is a toy, one is closer to the game, both are awesome! Very much wip [work in progress], but definitely real.” His comments seem to suggest that Mojan itself might be developing these project.

It could be that both of these versions were on display in the reveal trailer for HoloLens. Minecraft was shown in two instances. One saw a player bring the series’ iconic blocky landscape into the middle of a living room while the other had a player tap some explosives appearing on a wall, creating a crack through which the world of Minecraft could be seen. It’s more than possible that this was an early glimpse at two different Minecraft experiences.

VRFocus will continue to follow HoloLens and all of its projects closely, reporting back with any further updates.


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