Mojang, the game development studio behind Minecraft, has made a few massive announcements regarding their indie voxel-building game and another title of their’s within the past week. The studio has revealed Minecraft has achieved over 1.4 million concurrent players last weekend, and the Minecraft Xbox One version helped to contribute to that impressive player count. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as the indie title has been making waves for years now. The recent buy-out by Microsoft has only cemented the game’s status in the games industry.

Minecraft remains one of the most popular games, not just within the indie category, but of any category. With the recent release of Minecraft Xbox One and the PS4 version, the game is doing nothing but growing. Nathan Adams, a game developer at Mojang, spoke on Twitter, revealing last weekend the studio saw over 1.4 million players on at one time.

Saturday tends to be the busiest day for Minecraft across all systems, and Mojang previously almost beat their record for concurrent players earlier this month. However, only this past weekend has managed to surpass their previous player count achievement. This is certainly a milestone for the studio and one that really do need to celebrate.

The other piece of news Mojang announced was in regards to their title Scrolls, which is currently available within the most recent Humble Bundle for as little as $1. A portion of the money can go to charity, like most Humble Bundle bundles of games. If you’re feeling charitable and pay more than $12 you can receive the Scrolls Deluxe Pack.