“Minecraft: Xbox 360” is three years old, and Mojang is turning the occasion into one, big, fun-filled occasion.

Company officials revealed this week it will be marking the momentous occasion by “giving 20 million players of Xbox 360 and Xbox One users a heap of colorful skins.”

From May 7-17, users will be able to download up to three packs for free. Among the selections are a brand-new Mojangstas bundle and a few cheeky extras from the second and first birthday Skin Packs. Company officials add that while some veteran players may already have some of the older packs, this marks the first time any of the features have been available to Xbox One users.

Shack News reports last year's pack featured a number of Microsoft's most iconic character creations, including Conker, Master Chief, and even Viva Pinata.

In its product description, Amazon salutes “Minecraft” as equipped with new features uniquely designed for 360 console users. “Crafting has never been faster and easier,” the promo adds.

In short, the console puts the parameters of the game in the mind and hands of the users, essentially allowing one to do whatever with the game that their imagination can conjure.

Back in September of 2014, Geek Wire reported Microsoft purchased Mojang in a deal valued at $2.5 billion that instantly gave the tech giant retailer a far wider presence in the ultra-competitive industry of video games.

At that time, Mojang officials explained creator's Markuss “Notch” Persson's decision to sell by noting it was never his intention to have the “responsibility of owning a company of such global significance.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer celebrated the acquisition by raving, “Minecraft inspires millions to create together, connects people across the globe, and is a community that is among the most active and passionate in the world.”

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Turns 3, Mojang Celebrates With Skins Giveaway for 20 Million Players