Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition was released on July 29, 2015 and runs on the universal Windows 10 platform, being an adaptation of Minecraft Pocket Edition, which means that it has the same features, but it contains a few additions and it can be played on VR headsets such as HoloLens. The game costs $9.99 on the Windows Store, no matter if it’s played on computers or mobile devices. Soon, according to reports, Minecraft for this platform will receive a new update.

Lately, after Microsoft has purchased Minecraft, the game has received new features for Windows 10 (desktop), Xbox and PS4 consoles, and now, the developers will focus on the mobile edition. Minecraft Pocket Edition is available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile and, according to CNet, the game will allow players to use items called command blocks and “mods”, which will offer “more extensive customization to the game on mobile devices.”

Jens Bergensten, the lead developer of Minecraft, told CNet that “Using command blocks, you can add new Minecraft rules that do things like teleport players to a different part of the virtual world, reward them with a powerful sword, confine them to a jail, summon a flying pig into existence and obliterate all dangerous zombies”. He explained also how the developers will put this plan into practice: “Usually what is the most time consuming is to adapt the user interface for touch and gamepad, especially considering it’s a bit more cumbersome to type text”.

Bergensten has added that the team will need to create a system that will support modding for other platforms and that the company is researching options. Unfortunately, the lead developer hasn’t mentioned when the upgrade for Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Edition will be possible, and the only thing we can do right now is wait for an official announcement.

If mods will be supported, then there will be many interesting features introduced in Minecraft. For example, players will be able to fly on dragons and the game’s graphics will be boosted.

Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Edition Update to allow more Customization