By Seth G. Macy A rating for Minecraft Wii U has appeared on the Pan European Game Information page. The listing shows the game has been deemed suitable for ages 7 and up, but perhaps even more surprising than the game’s existence is the release date listed at November 12.

November 12 is also the day Nintendo will broadcast its first Nintendo Direct since the passing of former CEO Satoru Iwata. The company has been mum on details, which is par for the course for Nintendo. However, we’ve got 11 predictions about tomorrow’s Direct.

Way back in 2013, Minecraft-creator Notch said there were no Minecraft plans for Wii U, but Notch has since sold the company and the game now belongs to Microsoft. Minecraft routinely shows on the list of top selling games in the NPD Group reports of software and hardware sales in the US, so complete platform saturation is in the best interest of monetizing the Minecraft brand.

Fans of Minecraft and the Wii U have long wanted a marriage of the two, as the Wii U gamepad seems like it would make a perfect Minecraft companion. If Minecraft really is coming to Wii U, does this mean we can look forward to Minecraft amiibo? Let’s hope so, because a Creeper amiibo would be pretty awesome.

Minecraft Wii U Rated By PEGI