It looks like something is going to happen to change the latter days of the Wii U: Minecraft is coming.

Not more than a week ago PEGI, at the European ratings board, surprisingly leaked the rating of Minecraft Wii U Edition. The game has been approved for 7 years and up, same as all other Minecraft versions. But this is not the most important thing at the moment, it was the existence of the game itself that intrigued everyone. Only with the advent of Minecraft Story Mode did the Minecraft drought begin to end.

Anyway, another question comes to mind, will Minecraft come to Nintendo NX? And what kind of game changer it will be, that if Nintendo NX is what we think it is. The answer is: it wll be spectacular, an entire revolution.

The Wii U edition of Minecraft is a bit late to the game. But still, it will sell a million copies or more, that is the effect of Minecraft. Chances are the game will make good use of the GamePad as an always-visible inventory, which – while it will hardly change how the game is played – will be a very welcome ease-of-use addition.

Minecraft NX Edition is a totally different thing, indeed it will be a gamechanger, provided that it will happen as announced. According to that story from a month or so back, the Nintendo NX is – as long suspected/dreamed/hoped – a console and handheld hybrid, roughly as powerful as the PlayStation 4. With its strong launch lineup, it’ll catapult Nintendo back into the current generation, but with exciting and innovative hardware to match.

Now let’s think about Minecraft itself. Minecraft Poket Edition was kind of lame, really and the PlayStation Vita is kind of expensive. But let’s think about the Nintendo NX and imagine what could if offer. A full, complete, and portable version of Minecraft, as modern as any of the console editions and not hobbled by the limitations of mobile devices. Isn’t that the dream?
Indeed, these are only speculations, Minecraft Wii U Edition isn’t even officially confirmed yet, but it will be, rather soon. But this doesn’t guarantee the existence of a Nintendo NX edition of Minecraft, well it’s something, even if it is just a reason for hope.

Minecraft Wii U and NX Edition Update – To Come as a Gamechanger