After “Minecraft” has enjoyed years of undisputed dominance as the king of unlimited exploration, the point-and-click graphic adventure video game has a new challenger – “No Man's Sky.”

The sandbox video game “Minecraft” has of course been around and the video game has captivated players throughout all of its game platforms. Though “No Man's Sky' and “Minecraft” are different in some ways, one has to wonder which video game has really come up with the huge game, Game n Guide reported.

In elaborating as which video game is bigger, it is obvious that the action-adventure survival video game “No Man's Sky” boasts of a bigger figure. It has been claimed that for every block in the sandbox video game world, is equivalent to twenty planets in the universe of “No Man's Sky,” according to Kotaku.

Also, “No Man's Sky,” a PS4 and PC title, is a space exploration kind of video game that contains its own universe. And the game's universe is full of planets, and the vast majority of which are loaded of alien life, based on the report of Business Insider.

However, other than the games' infinite worlds, there is also an important topic of which game offers the best performance and quality. At the moment, the action-adventure survival video game obviously has the advantage, as the gameplay between the two video games is glaringly different and that hints at the recent that the space exploration game is taking the lead.

Though “Minecraft” still got the game stability. As the video game developer Mojang has its share of bugs and fixes, it has been around long enough to demonstrate that the point-and-click graphic adventure video game has millions hooked on to it.

In addition, “No Man's Sky” still got some game stability issue, while “Minecraft” has a more established game play.

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