A new update has been released for the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition of Minecraft, adding new “redstone components” for players, as well new environments and other features.

Gamestop reports the .13 update will grant players access to a unique material known as redstone.

Mining redstone blocks will produce a substance known as redstone dust, which can be used to carry signals between objects and structures. Redstone can be utilized in a variety of ways, allowing players to construct creative mechanisms such as doorbells, switchable lights and even roller coasters.

The update will feature simple redstone items such as “redstone wires, redstone torches, redstone lamps, levers, buttons, pressure plates, tripwire hooks, note blocks, trapped chests, detector rails and TNT.” Future updates will bring more advanced tools like Pistons and Repeaters.

In addition, players may now stumble upon hidden temples when exploring desert levels. The temples will hold valuable loot if the players can survive its hazards.

Apparently, bunnies are also a thing now. The cute critters will hop across worlds, and help themselves to your crops if you aren't vigilant.

Players now also have the option of purchasing the Biome Settler Pack for $1.99, which adds over two dozen new character skins to the game including archer, hunter and brewer models.

In other news, Microsoft announced this week that Minecraft developer Mojang joined up with Code.org, to produce a programming tutorial for children for the website's annual Hour of Code event in December.

“Teachers and students can access the tutorial across PCs, tablets and phones to conduct an hour of code at home and in their classrooms on nearly any devices,” said Deirdre Quarnstrom, director of Minecraft for Education at Microsoft.

“Microsoft will also host Hour of Code events around the world and within Microsoft stores kicking off early next month,” she added.

Last year, Microsoft purchased Minecraft and Mojang for $2.5 million, launching Minecraft for Education soon after.

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