Both versions of Minecraft are due to receive an update very soon. Pocket Minecraft will be receiving update 0.15.0 for all supported devices and Minecraft will soon be seeing the the combat update 1.9.1.

Fans of Pocket Minecraft have been eagerly awaiting news about the next update after the release of update 0.14.0 last month. The content for this update has only been hinted to by people involved with the development. New biomes have been heavily suggested by Tommasco Checchi however players will need to create a new world in order to play with them. New resource packs are also on the way for the Pocket Edition, additionally Redstone Phase 3 will be implemented and pistons will be added with this update.

There is some hope and suggestion from fans that Realms will return to the Pocked Edition of Minecraft; Minecraft Realms is a purchasable service from Mojang that allows players to buy a small server. Pocket Realms was removed from Pocket Edition several updates ago which has prevents players from playing together in large groups.

The Combat Update is the first big update to come to Minecraft in 2016; it was originally due for release at the end of 2015 but was delayed due to bugs and the team were reluctant to release such a large update during a time where they would be unable to patch out any issues. It was released at the end of February which added a wide array of new features to Minecraft.

The next update is going to tweak and adjust some of the new features, there are some new features being added to the game also but nothing major. The 1.9.1 update will be adding a new language, sound effects and an option to disable weapon cooldowns. Smaller changes have also been made to remove some bugs, improve AI and make sure the features are working correctly; for example, this will patch out the ability to attack with a weapon recharge bar of under 70%. Minecraft fans can expect to see smaller updates for a few months now as the game is tweaked and bugs are removed, the next major update will be 1.10 and is rumored to add a new mob to the game.

All versions of Minecraft will be affected by these updates and fans can suggest ideas for the Pocket Minecraft 0.15.0 update. For those not playing Pocket Minecraft, the 1.9.1 update should be released in the coming month for all other platforms.

Minecraft updates are incoming for PC, Mac and Pocket Edition