Usually, when players are bored, they opt to playing short but oddly satisfying mini-games. It is perhaps to kill some time, or at least give themselves a fresh perspective. And for “Minecraft” fans, they should expect this to happen!

According to Tech Times, the titular developer “Mojang” recently announced that they are set to roll out a set of mini-games for “Minecraft” (Console Edition). The said games are expected to arrive some time in June this year.

It should be noted that mini-games are not new to “Minecraft” gamers, particularly for PC owners. However, this will be the first ever treat to console owners, allowing them to get hold of the game's short yet oddly satisfying mini-games.

The “Minecraft” Console Edition basically allows players to come up with their own set of rules. They can even create new ways to communicate with other players. But as far as the mini-games are concerned, they can set foot directly into the competition without even worrying about setting rules. Through this, they will not be wasting even a second just to decide who will keep the score.

PCMag, on the other hand, notes one of the interesting “Minecraft” mini-games to come and is called “Battle.” Simply put, it is where players get to engage with their friends and/or strangers in a battle to death. But what is cool about it? It does not require any setup!

“Battle,” in one way or another,” is the “Minecraft” death match. It is deemed as a very competitive multiplayer bout for survival. But make no mistake — strategy and speed (and even luck) are key to winning it.

A total of 4 “Minecraft” players are allowed to play in the mini-game called “Battle.” But if they play via the Xbox Live, they are allowed to join up to 8 players. If an unfortunate player dies, he/she can still watch the fight in a free-roam camera perspective.

“Minecraft” Console Edition mini-games are expected to arrive in June. It shall include the aforesaid “Battle,” along with three brand new maps for players to try out.

Meanwhile, enjoy these other minecraft mini-games before June, as per The Top Tens.

1. Hide and Seek — The player should “pick the right spot to blend in.”

2. The Walls — The player waits for the walls to come down

3. Skywars — One way to knock the opponents is to use to a snowball while they are Void-building.

4. Spleef — Just block and break legs!

5. Super Craft Brothers — This is a “super smash” brothers' brawl.

‘Minecraft' Update: Console Edition Mini-Games Coming This June