‘Minecraft' Update 1.10 Already In Development With A New Mob, Says Mojang Lead"Minecraft"

(Photo : Mojang/Microsoft/Facebook) “Minecraft's” 1.10 update is already in the works despite the release of 1.9 at the end of February. Sources at Mojang confirm that a new mob is planned for a future patch. “Minecraft” is available now on a slew of consoles, mobile devices and PC.

“Minecraft's” lead developer at Mojang has revealed that work on the game's 1.10 update has already begun despite just releasing 1.9 a few days ago. Apparently, a new mob is in the works!

The news comes to Design & Trend straight from the Twitter account of “Minecraft” lead, Jens Bergensten. In one tweet, he gave franchise fans a sneak peek at content that's likely many months away.

(Photo : Jens Bergensten/Twitter)

The tease is obviously quick, but it came when one fan asked what's planned for the game's future patches up to a hypothetical version 1.10. Bergensten quickly replied that he “started working on a new mob today,” which makes it seem likely to debut in a future tweak.

For those not too invested in the “Minecraft” craze, mob is a term that generally applies to all the creatures found within the world. There are over 40 different mobs on the platform today, and they all serve various purposes. Creepers and Skeletons, for example, can harm players. Chickens and Cows litter the environment to make some areas of the map feel more populated. As far as this unnamed new mob is concerned, we don't know what role it will fill.

“Minecraft” has been on the market for a number of years, but new mob additions don't happen too often. For the most part, they're saved for major version number updates. The last mob to be officially introduced was the Rabbit in July of last year. It was a huge draw of the 1.8 revision.

That being said, it will likely be a long while before version 1.10 comes to fruition. The gap between 1.8 and 1.9 lasted well over a year, which leaves many fans wondering if the same time span will be the norm from here on out. “Minecraft” enthusiasts were certainly rewarded for their patience, however, considering the latest release offers a complete overhaul of the game's combat system. Fresh mechanics like Attack Strength were added, as well as a swath of new forms of defense.

With Mojang just beginning its development process, it's hard to say what the team's immediate focus will be in the future.

Do you think “Minecraft” 1.10 will take a while to release? What mob would you want to see in the next big update? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

‘Minecraft' Update 1.10 Already In Development With A New Mob, Says Mojang Lead