Minecraft Upcoming 1.9 Patch Will Bring Many Cool Features

The last major patch that Mojang has released for Minecraft is Bountiful Update (version 1.8) and the fans were wondering when they will get a new patch. Their dream is about to come true, as in two days, Mojang will launch Combat Update (version 1.9) which will change completely the way miners and crafters will play this game.

Mojang won’t bring another set of blocks and other improvements to the game. Minecraft will suffer a great combat change, and the players will explore and farm better. Dual wielding is the big change and will allow the players to hold a torch in one hand and a mine in the other, or seeds in one hand and in the other a hoe. Both way, the farming operation will become more efficient, and the game will feel a little bit more realistic. Multitasking was necessary, as it will help the players use the best combinations for dual wielding.

The players are not only capable of working and eating at the same time (while holding food in one hand and a tool in the other), they can also enter dangerous cavern systems holding a torch in one hand and a sword in the other, for protection.

Another change in patch 1.9 is the “delay” to the combat, and the players will have more time to plan their strategy. Also, they will build an arena, where they will find many things. But, here’s the entire list of changes that will be brought by the Combat update:

Shields – while holding a shield in one hand and a weapon, the players will be better protected when others are soaking up arrows. Also, shields can be customized with a logo;

Axes – will be 60 percent slower, and the players can use an ax in one hand and a shield in the other;

Arrows – there will be 14 new arrow tips which can be used for healing or poisoning etc. For example, if the player is wounded, he can be shot by a healer with an arrow and this will raise his health;

Hidden Dungeons – the fans will have more opportunities to explore these places, which are placed usually in snowy areas;

Beets – with this new vegetable, the players can make soup and feed themselves;

The Changes to The End – the players will need to raid cities and ships in order to get rare materials. Also, they will harvest Chorus flowers, but it’s not sure what their role will be.

End Cities – End Rods (crafted using chorus fruit and blaze rods) will provide light as the “End” version of a lantern;

New Blocks – the most useful ones will be Purpur Blocks, which are located in End Cities. There will be four different variations, such as block, pillar, slab and stairs.

Minecraft Upcoming 1.9 Patch Will Bring Many Cool Features