Minecraft Title Update 27 Xbox 360 – Patch 1.18 PS4 comes with Greek Gods and Monsters Mash-Up, 39 Skins and many more
The developers from 4J Studios are busy releasing new updates for Minecraft, one of the most popular and addictive games. Minecraft Title Update 27 brought a lot of bug fixes and a mash-up trial pack containing gods from the Greek mythology, plus 39 new skins and the option to buy in-game items for your PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One or Xbox 360 version.

The players can download the Minecraft Title Update 27 for Xbox 360, the Content Update 15 for Xbox One and the patch 1.18 for the following consoles: PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. Besides the usual bug fixes, the patch contains some new items including Acacia versions of wood, doors, stair, fences and other add-ons which you’ll find in the Creative menu. The developers added also Dark oak versions for some goods, but most important, the Title Update 27 brought the most popular Greek Gods, such as Thunder God Zeus or Sea God Poseidon, but other creatures have been added as well (Cyclops etc.). They were included in the Minecraft Greek Mythology DLC, which comes with a new player interface, new texture features, a special soundtrack and 39 new skins, and they are available as a premium download for each gaming platform.

Below, we’ll list all additions and fixes for the supported consoles:

Xbox One and Xbox 360

Additions: the mash-up trial content containing Greek gods; Dark oak wood, stairs, door, fence and fence gate, slab, planks / Acacia wood, door, stairs, fence and fence gate, planks (Creative menu);

Fixes: stacking doors; Oak door recipe which wasn’t giving 3 doors; wolves were not registering damage properly; the game was crashing when the players were approaching villages, jungle temples and desert temples; players were stopped from removing leads from fences; Set Day button (the Host Options menu).

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita

Additions: the same Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack trial content and Dark oak wood, fence etc., plus Acacia wood, door etc. (Creative menu);

Fixes: the same crashes when approaching villages and desert and jungle temples, if they were partially discovered when the game wave was loaded; stacking doors; Mobs couldn’t pass through open iron doors; when some of the villagers were dying, if the maximum spawn limit of villagers was reached, this prevented spawning baby villagers.

Minecraft TU27 Xbox One Patch 1.18 – Best Improvements and Bug Fixes