Sandbox games are games in which the player explores an open-ended world and they can do whatever they want to do with a few key note rules set in place. Other than those key note rules, the player can do whatever they want to, whether it would involve building structures or adventuring around the world to kill monsters. There is one game that I have been playing a lot recently that is a true sandbox game that is played by many, whether they are young or a little bit older.

image (1)I'm talking about Minecraft: the game that is all about building blocks to create the world that you want to live in and to do what satisfies you in the world. The block world allows the player to build structures and then they can earn items needed to create weapons, get food, and fight off monsters. The only limits of playing Minecraft is your imagination because it's like anything that you can think of, you can create in the game with tools that you have and the blocks of the world that surround you everywhere you go.

I started to have an interest in Minecraft after I was watching some YouTubers play the game and it really seemed that the things they were doing in the game were fun. They were creating structures and they were using weapons that they had in their inventory to fight off some of the creatures that they were running into. Each video that they had in their Minecraft let's play series was different because they were going on different missions that they chose to go on. This game isn't just for the adults who choose to play it either for their YouTube channel or for fun, it's also played by young kids, whether they are boys or girls. I first saw my younger cousin take an interest in the game by playing the game and also buying some of the merchandise, whether it would be wearing a Minecraft shirt or playing with Minecraft toy sets. I then saw my neighbor's daughter that I used to babysit during the summer play it on her iPad; when I gave it a try for about 10 minutes, I didn't know what I was doing and it was just confusing.

minecraftI convinced myself and my parents to let me get the game on my computer to play because it was during Christmas break and I needed to find something new to do. The first few minutes, I had to check the Minecraft Wiki page to see how to start building the basic tools because I was a noob (a person new to the world of Minecraft and had no idea how to start playing it). Expand over to a few days later, I started playing it more often as I explored the world that I was in, gathering up supplies, hunting animals and killing monsters that were in my way. I started liking the concept of the game as I played it more and I wanted to see what else I could do because my imagination was still running wild and the possibilities were still endless.

Another discovery that I have made while playing this game is that there is a multiplayer option and players can choose to go on a certain server that they know of to ask for permission to be a part of it. I remember watching a series of videos on a person's YouTube channel that they had created a server for people to join on and it seemed like the people on the server were having fun, just playing Minecraft together. That acted as a inspiration for me to keep getting better and learning on how the game really is so I can become a part of the server that these people are a part of.

stevAs I continue to discover the unknown things about Minecraft, I learn more about the game itself and it makes me more excited about what's yet to come for the world of Minecraft. Having the open ended world and having a limited number of rules, it gives players the real chance to make up their rules and let them decide what they want to do in the game. There are a lot of people who play this game and it just keeps getting more exciting for those who lay it as updates are made to it almost all the time.

With more and more people choosing to be a part of the community of Minecraft players, the gaming company, Mojang, works continuously to make the game even more fun for other people. There are updates being made, which could mean more possibilities as to what players could do in the world of Minecraft that they are exploring. there's a good chance that this game is going to be around for a long time because there are also toys and other video games that are based off Minecraft. It keeps becoming popular amongst people of various ages and I think it'll continue to grow as the years keep passing by with new features for players to discover.