The Minecraft Beginner's Handbook is the first official handbook in a series which so far contains four books. I actually read this book before I got the XBOX 360 edition of Minecraft, and thank goodness I did! It saved me many painful deaths!

This handbook is all about how to survive your first few days in the survival mode of Minecraft. It can be used for all editions of Minecraft. The most useful information I got from this handbook was how to mine ore – it has two pages telling you where you can find different ore, from iron to the rare emerald. It also taught me how to breed animals which is lots of fun.

Some of the things this book teaches you can work out for yourself given enough time playing Minecraft, but it's certainly quicker using the book. I think it would have been good if the writers had added in about how to fight monsters.

This book is worth every penny you pay for it and I hope the writers continue to write more of these handbooks. 5 stars

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