The third entry to Telltale Games' new series “Minecraft: Story Mode” has finally been released, and if the last two games were able to keep your attention, you're bound to know what's in store for this title.

The third episode is titled “The Last Place You Look” and takes place right where the last episode left players hanging. Along with introducing a new part of the “Minecraft” world, the mysterious creatures known as the Endermen are brought to this entry and play a major role.

Here are what the critics are saying about the third chapter:


Gamespot finds this entry to be the best in the series so far despite being noticeably short.

“Minecraft Story Mode's third episode is the best so far, weaving action and story in a tight, focused package. This is another short episode (my first playthrough clocked in at less than 90 minutes), which makes Story Mode a little on the brief side compared to recent Telltale offerings. But that brevity is my biggest complaint, which, if you look at it from the most charitable view, means the game never outstayed its welcome. Story Mode remains a great experience–especially if you're playing with younger fans of Minecraft–and my anticipation for the next episode remains high.”

We Got This Covered

We Got This Covered found “The Last Place You Look” to be a huge improvement from the last entries and advises Telltale Games keeps up the pace.

“The Last Place You Look is undeniably a major improvement over the last outing, and hopefully Telltale can keep this momentum going for the remaining episodes. They're continuing to get an impressive amount of material out of a license many fans doubted, and while it would still be nice to get longer installments, people who enjoyed the first portion of the season will get another very enjoyable outing here.”

God is a Geek

God is a Geek concurs that the series is on an incline with this title, but still believes there's a lot to be desired from the developers.

“This is the strongest entry to date in Minecraft: Story Mode. It still isn't hitting the heights of some of Telltale Games' best work, but this episode makes good strides in that direction. It has a lot more action than the previous two, and the narrative is tighter, with greater focus on character development and progression. I'm interested to see how the next episode plays out, and going on the release schedule for the first three episodes, hopefully we won't have to wait too long.”

Game Informer

Game Informer highlights the entry's progression in narrative and action, which makes it the best out of the three so far.

“With a feeling of real narrative progression, strong action sequences, and a script that draws you in to the events unfolding in the story, The Last Place You Look is Minecraft: Story Mode's best episode yet. Episode 3 gets the series back on track and make any fears I had stemming from Episode 2 feel like a distant memory.”


Minecraft Story Mode Episode Three: ‘The Last Place You Look' – Review Roundup; Best Entry In The Series So Far