Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8 arrives today, bearing the appropriate (?) subtitle ‘A Journey's End?' You'll have to play it to figure out whether that question mark should be there or not, but Mojang describe this as the “epic conclusion” and “very final” episode of the three-part DLC series, so I presume it wraps a few things up.

“With Harper leading them to the world of the Old Builders,” the YouTube description reads, “Jesse and crew finally have their chance to return home… but it won't be easy, and the stakes are high. You'll need to take on opponents in a series of gladiatorial games to win your freedom, save your friends, and maybe, just maybe, make it back to your own world!”

Episode 8 is available to buy now, either individually for $4.99, or as part of the $14.99 Adventure Pass.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8 out now