Minecraft snapshot 16w32a is out today, and it mostly has under the hood changes, with the big ones being unveiled at Minecon later this year. However, that doesn’t mean snapshots will be too weak until then – changes will trickle in over the next few weeks. You can check out some of the notable changes below, and the full changelog here.

  • Some mobs are now more afraid to get wet in the water
  • There are now more spawn eggs for many different mobs and this time they are working properly, so we’ll keep them
  • Mob types are now separated like this:
    • Guardian and Elder Guardian
    • Skeleton, Stray and Wither Skeleton
    • Zombie, Zombie Villager and Husk
    • Horse, Skeleton Horse, Zombie Horse, Mule and Donkey
  • Changed the duration of hunger and saturation effects
  • Broke some bugs so they should not happen anymore
  • Resource pack format changed slightly, it’s now using version 3
    • Version 3 resource packs have to use lowercase filenames for everything
  • Most commands can now use blockstate definitions instead of a numerical metadata value
  • Snowmen are now 10% less derpy
  • More robust handling of invalid items and hopefully less duping bugs due to this change
  • Lightning storm will now attract less skeleton horses

Minecraft snapshot 16w32a is out, contains small changes