Minecraft has recently released a new title update (TU) for Xbox 360 called Title Update 38. It has also rolled out a new content update (CU) for Xbox One called Content Update 26.

Although they have similar update numbers, they actually bring about the same changes for the Minecraft Battle Mode, which was released on June 21. The mini game proved to be instantly popular among many Minecraft fans, although it was plagued with glitches that thankfully didn’t destroy its gameplay.

TU 38 and CU 26 are designed to fix some these bugs and improve user experience for Minecrafters on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, respectively. Specifically, they fix several areas in the map where many players have found themselves to be stuck. However, most of the changes that the updates bring about are related to adding new weapons and making changes to the default settings.

For one thing, players will notice that the Wooden Shovel has been removed from the Center Chests. They’ll also find that they can no longer kick players during Public Battles, although they can still do this is the Lobby if they are the host.

Weapons have been given better performance. All sticks, for example, now have a Sharpness 1. The Wooden Pickaxe and the Wooden Shovel (both of which are in the Outer Chests) have been given an additional Sharpness 1 and Sharpness 2, respectively, while the Wooden Hoe with Fire Aspect 1 has been given an additional Sharpness 1. All Poison Potions, which were on Level 1 before, are now on Level 2.

Certain items have also been replaced. The Diamond Chest Plate, for instance, has been replaced with an Iron Chest Plate, while the Fire Charge item has been replaced with a Fire Resistance potion.

You can find the complete change log for the Title Update 38 here. Some have complained about the changes, particularly those who are used to using the Diamond Chest Plate and the Fire Charge item, but most players have welcomed the improvements. Have you noticed these changes in Minecraft Battle Mode? Do you think they improve the game as a whole? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below!

Minecraft Releases TU 38 for Xbox 360 and CU 26 for Xbox One