A lot of news concerning “Minecraft” happened on Monday. Mojang, the video game’s maker, released the last 1.8 update, an update for the mobile version, and mod maker released a mod for “Minecraft” that allows players to create models within the game.

Mojang developer Johan Bernhardsson announced on Twitter that “Minecraft Pocket Edition’s” last update had been uploaded. The 0.10.4 update will be the last one of the 0.10.x version.


According to the game’s Tumblr account, another update was released on Monday: 1.8.1 for “Minecraft.” “We have released a new version of Minecraft, 1.8.1, which brings a bunch of new optimizations and bug fixes,” the statement said. “It’s 100% compatible with 1.8, and comes with extra hugs.” On Twitter, developer Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams also announced the release. “Minecraft 1.8.1 is now available to download in your launcher,” the tweet said. Aside from the updates’ releases, PC Gamer reports there is a new mod for “Minecraft.” Created by iChun, the mod called Tabula will allow users to create models within the game. Although he does not explain much about the “in-game Minecraft modeler,” iChun uploaded a video (below) on YouTube about what it can do.  Although it is not meant as a “proper replacement for third-party modelers such as Blender or Maya,” the software is based off Techne, intended as a replacement. To operate Tabula you will need Minecraft Forge and iChanUtil software. Aside from the updates, “Minecraft” and Mojang celebrated winning the BAFTA Kids award for best video game of the year. Developer Jens Bergensten celebrated on Twitter.

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