The infamous ‘The Nether Update’ which has been long awaited for Minecraft Pocket Edition was initially due to be released last month however due to some technical difficulties the update was pushed back for a release earlier this month.

This patch is the one that brings The Nether dimension to those playing Pocket Minecraft on a mobile device. The Nether is a separate dimension which players can access by creating a Nether Portal using obsidian blocks; the dimension provides new blocks and monsters for players to battle against such as the infamous Zombie Pigman and Ghast.

Though The Nether may be one of the more notable features in this update there are plenty of other features which are just as important to bring Pocket Minecraft closer to the current status of console and PC versions of Minecraft; PC minecraft is still ahead of the console versions of the game. Other important additions in Update 0.12.1 include: Difficulty modes and by extension a Hunger bar, Controller support, More Movement options and also varied weather within games.

Enchanting and Experience points will also be coming to Pocket Minecraft in the same update bringing both the Enchantment Table and Brewing Stand along side it. There are also other blocks to come in such as Anvils and Nether related blocks including Soul Sand. Plenty of items will be coming in with the update which are mostly Nether generated items however Mob Heads will also be coming for those who want more to decorate their walls with.

Nether Fortresses are a sight to behold in the PC and console versions of Minecraft, with the 0.12.1 Update Pocket Minecraft players will also be able to take these on. For those not as willing to fight for their life in the The Nether players will also be able to get their own cats with the addition of Ocelots which are tamable with fish and a lot of time spent trying to convince the Ocelot to eat the offered fish.

Snow and Iron Golems will also be making an appearance in the Pocket version of Minecraft which can be created by players looking to give their house some extra defense or by those lonely in the world an unable to tame an Ocelot.

There are also small other changes to come such as the addition of a Third Person view the expected change of food effecting the hunger bar instead of the health bar as it previously did. Other small changes bring the pocket version of Minecraft closer to the current console status of the game and by extent the original PC version; doors can be stacked up to 64 for anyone with big buildings with lots of rooms and also book recipes now require leather much like other versions of the game.

The 0.12.0 update was released at the end of last month for Windows 10 devices providing all of the above changes to those using a Windows 10 device however the 0.12.1 update for iOS and Android users has no official release date. There is however a beta version of this update for testers available which should mean that the official version should be released fairly soon.

Minecraft Pocket Edition ‘The Nether Update’ 0.12.1 Features and Release Date