Android devices with Minecraft Pocket Edition installed have a new alpha update they need to download. The update lets players play a new Minecraft Realms feature, which is a paid service that gives users the ability to own their own cross-platform server.

Basically, players can buy a server from Mojang that lets them play with their friends who also have the Minecraft game on their Windows 10, iOS or Android devices. The server is online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing users to go offline and return at a later time – any time and friends can play together through the server.

Minecraft 0.15.0 is thought to have an array of features, but it’s not known if those features will make it into the alpha version. Once the release of Minecraft 0.15.0, it will have resource packs, commands, sticky pistons and a host of other things for users to enjoy. Mojang will also have more features to the game: new biomes, recipes for sliced, cooked mutton, etc. and horses.

There’s been no official news regarding the final version release for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0. Still, it shouldn’t be too much longer with the release of the alpha build. Until then, players should wait patiently for the day it happens.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Offers New Alpha Update For Android Devices