Minecraft Pocket Edition News
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Update on Minecraft Pocket Edition news; Mojang dishes out its most significant improvements in the game to date.

Mojang releases significant Minecraft Pocket Edition news, with major improvements in graphics in addition to the regular bug fixes. Turns out this update is the game’s biggest yet, ever since the developer was bought by Microsoft for $2.5 billion last September

While most of the changes are bug fixes, minor but necessary just the same, several new elements are added into the pixel-Lego game as well. Notable in the 0.10 release are the addition of gold mines into Mesa biomes, and plenty of custom options for fences and gates.

Creative Mode now includes day and night options as well.

Mojang has also enhanced Minecraft Pocket Edition’s graphical quality, notable in small details like prettier water, fog, and light effects. The developer is almost obsessive-compulsive when it comes to releasing update information, leaving little for players to discover for themselves.

Aside from improved performance in supported devices, areas where baby animals can’t swim are now fixed, which should please finicky players demanding absolute freedom.

Thankfully, Mojang confirms there’s still “lots more cool stuff you can discover for yourself.”

From the Mojang website:

“We’ve improved the graphics, increased performance, and killed off heaps of bugs in one massive update. We’ve also stopped baby animals from sinking when they try to swim because that’s just mean. Update and have fun!

– Loads of bug fixes!

– More watery-looking water

– Foggier-looking fog

– Even more particles than before

– Tinted lighting on terrain and mobs

– Improved performance on many devices

– More fences! More fence gates! Everyone loves fences

– Gold mines in Mesa biomes. Get rich quick

– Baby animals can now swim without sinking

– Play Creative Mode during both the day and night

– Lots more cool stuff that you can discover for yourself

Previous Minecraft Pocket Edition news was met with doubt, unfairly compared with desktop versions of the game. The updated version is now available at the Apple App Store $6.99 (macrumors.com).


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