The first update of 2016 for the Minecraft: Pocket Edition is finally here. The new Minecraft version 0.14.0 comes with new additions for the Redstone builders and we remind the players that the Redstones have been released for Minecraft in November.

Redstone is a structure that will allow the players to control powered-mechanisms. With other words, you will be able to make simple devices such as a light switch, or even more complicated things such as elevators. This feature surely opens up many possibilities, so you will do whatever you want in the Minecraft game. Just use your imagination and this feature will help you materialize your ideas.

The new Minecraft 0.14.0 add even more Redstone components such as repeaters, dispensers, comparators, hoppers, trapped chests, droppes and many more. Here is a video that shows of a few new features that the Minecraft 0.14.0 comes with:

The new Minecraft version also comes with some spooky witches along with their huts. Inside the huts you will find cauldrons that are filled with random potions and something that will dye your armor. There are also wearable pumpkins, slime blocks and item frames that will allow players to display their awesome items for all to see.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available for mobile devices that run on iOS or Android and it can be purchased from the App Store or Google Play Store for 6.99 dollars. You can also download and play the Minecraft: Story mode game that costs only 4.99 dollars and it comes with five-part episodic series. However, keep in mind that the game comes with the first episode, while the other four episodes you will need to purchase (either separated or as a season pass).

Have you installed the Minecraft 0.14.0 on your mobile device? Tell us your opinion about the latest Minecraft: Pocket Edition!

Minecraft Pocket Edition Newest Update – Additional Redstone Components