For those who have developed a love for Mojang's mega-blockbuster sandbox game Minecraft, there is some good news for those who are on the Pocket Edition.  A 0.13.0 Beta update allows players to use Redstone, but only if you are Android and follow a certain set of procedures.  In the meantime, there hasn't really been any news on the Update 1.9 or Combat Update that fans of the game are really wanting, but here is news about a possible release date.

According to the International Business Times, there is a new feature coming to the beta 0.13.0 update for the Minecraft Pocket Edition with Redstone Circuits.  If you are not familiar with that term from Minecraft, it is a structure that can be built to activate or control mechanisms.

This beta features the first batch of Redstone blocks, but it does not include Pistons, Repeaters, and other blocks but this could come at another time.  For now, players of the Minecraft Pocket Edition can enjoy Redstone Wire, Torch, Lamp, Levers, buttons, Pressure Plates, Trapped Chests, Detector Rails, and Tripwires.  There have also been some interesting modifications as the Redstone can control doors, TNT, rails, and trapdoors.  There are other applications that have been put on Touch Arcade like a Playable Guitar, for example.

There are also some modifications that are not related to the Redstone like some new wooden doors, boats that go faster with different handling, Slimes and Ghasts can now spawn, and Skeletons can run away from Wolves.

Those who are interested in trying out the new beta update should purchase the application on the Google Play Store for the $6.99 price.  Mojang has an opt-in agreement that players have to agree to, and the Android device should be able to run this beta.  Tech Times suggests that before applying to be a beta tester for this update, you should backup your existing worlds.  Once you have joined, the Android device should download and install the Minecraft: Pocket Edition beta version 0.13.0, but it might take a few days to arrive.

In addition to the beta update for the Pocket Edition, fans are eagerly looking forward to update 1.9, which is also known as the Combat Update.  According to Minecraft's own Gamepedia, This Combat update is expected to “overhaul the combat system, among other additions and changes”.  It was expected that this update would arrive in mid-October, but this doesn't seem to happen.

iDgitialTimes reports that the features of Minecraft Update 1.9 were discussed during a MineCon Panel.  One of the features discussed at this presentation was plans to overhaul the game-ending Ender Dragon encounter.  Most players have found that this foe isn't too difficult for this game's equivalent of a final boss, and the game doesn't really give much incentive to even try to slay this dragon.  Mojang wants to motivate players by tying in new things with the dragon, and explore the new islands coming in the end.

Version 1.9 also plans to introduce a new dimension that includes a new zone complete with new blocks, new food source, new mobs and other changes that could take a while to implement, hence the increased wait.  Other new updates to Version 1.9 include new items like enchanted arrows and spell effects.  These arrows include spectral arrows, invisibility arrows, and poison arrows.   There is also talk of dual-wielding, as the player can toggle the primary hand of the character.

There is still no word on the release date of the long-awaited Version 1.9, but if Mojang is smart, they will have it out before the holiday season.  One shouldn't be surprised if it becomes available by Thanksgiving for fans to play on the four-day weekend.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets 0.13.0 Beta Update; Release Date For Minecraft Update 1.9