We’ve been talking up Minecraft’s “Friendly Update” for a while now, but it’s totally here. You can check it out if it really is friendly or not, and while doing that enjoy the new features that Mojang inserted into the game. Whether it’s the pig riding or the cross-platform play, there should be something for everybody here.

First up, Realms are online play servers for Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can now build your worlds on Realms, invite only your friends to have access to the world you’re creating, and it will always be accessible to you and your friends, wherever you are and even when you log-off. “Anytime, anywhere” seemed like a promise too good to be true, but it’s here now. Realms is available for a 30-day free trial in-app.

What makes this update the bomb is the cross-device multiplayer feature. If you’re looking for “friendly,” this is it. Minecraft players can now play their games with friends with whatever device they are currently on – Android device, an Apple iPhone, or even a Windows 10 PC. Heck, you can even use a Gear VR.


And lastly, pig riding! What’s not to like? Oh, and as a bonus, piston-powered elements for everything! Check out the update now via the Google Play Store.

Minecraft Pocket Edition ‘Friendly Update’ now rolling out