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“Minecraft: Pocket Edition” beta v.0.13.0 along with the Redstone Circuits update is now available for android smartphones.

“It’s worth mentioning that all of these features are coming to ‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ and the ‘Minecraft Windows 10 Edition’ beta in the near future,” according to Mojang’s statement reported in Tech Times.

Mojang, the Minecraft game developer strongly suggests that players need to secure a backup of their existing worlds. There are three requirements a player needs to have to join the test; first, a player must have an android device capable of running the “Minecraft: Pocket Edition.”

Second, game must be purchased from the Google Play Store. Lastly, they need to navigate through the Minecraft: Pocket Edition Beta application to become a tester.

Once the player clicked the “become a tester” button on the application, the game will be installed automatically into the phone and will take several days to show up on the device.

The “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” along with the Redstone Circuit update includes the Redstone wire, levers, buttons, pressure plates, torch, lamp, tripwires, trapped chests and detector rails. There are also new wooden doors and a “cute fluffy crop-eating bunnies.” The Stonecutter feature is gone from the game, according to Mojang.

There are several modification within the game including a game tutorial for both reporting a bug and how to make an existing world back-up. The Redstone can be used to control trapdoors, doors, TNT and rails, also longer item tooltip visibility time, stack count labels has a bigger and more readable font and ghast and slimes have the ability to respawn in the game and a lot more listed in their website, vie the reads in Mojang.

The game developer offered their blog forum for the players to get updates about the game and future announcements for the “Minecraft: Pocket Edition,” according to Tech Times.

‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ Beta Version Now On Google Play Store; New Updates Included