A new update for the Minecraft: Windows 10 and Minecraft: Pocket Edition version has been released which allow the players to visit new desert temples and explore them, collect four types of fluffy rabbits and use the new basic redstone components.

In addition, the new version also comes with five new door types along with a new biome settler character skins. Below we’re going to talk about the new additions that the Minecraft: Windows 10 and Minecraft: Pocket Edition comes with.

The new Minecraft version comes with exploring desert biomes, where the players will find mysterious desert temples emerging from the sands. These structures are made from sandstone and they will offer a chance for the Minecraft players to grab some decent loot (as long as they get out in one piece). In addition, the players will be able to find six types of adorable bunnies that are hopping around the Minecraft world.

Mojang said that they’ve invested the most sophisticated AI technology in the new Bunnies to make sure that these “creatures” will eat your crops when they are hungry. With other words, they are cute but at the same time they are quite “destructive”.

The same update brings Biome Settler Pack I that costs 1.99 dollars and it is the first of a series of desert, tundra and forest biome-inspired skin packs which brings more than two dozen new character skins to the Minecraft game. The new skin packs comes with a few new characters such as hunter, brewers, archers and more.

Minecraft 0.130 also features the first of three groups of simple redstone items which includes: redstone torches, redstone wires, levers, buttons, pressure plates, redstone lamps, note blocks, trapped chests, detector rails, TNT, tripwire hooks and more.

The full list of features, bug fixes and tweaks that Minecraft 0.13.0 comes with can be found on the Mojang website.

Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Latest Version – Updated Features and Fixes