Minecraft Pocket Edition: 0.15.0 Update Release

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Minecraft Pocket edition 0.15.0 update

Fans and players of the Minecraft Pocket Edition will be excited to know that what they have been clamoring for will be upcoming: another new update for the game which would be numbered 0.15.0. Although there has been no official announcement of a timeframe for the release, some of the items included on the update have already been discussed, mainly communicated through the game's Twitter account. Additionally, fans have also been asked to indicate on the site the ideas they have for the update. There was no assurance though that what they asked for would be included, but the developer may want to have an ear out for common sentiments that could provide the direction for future updates and improvements.

It is amazing how fast new developments are taking place on the Minecraft Pocket Edition. Only recently, an update was rolled out, numbering 0.14.0. And now, talk is already rampant regarding the next update to be released.

Fans will be eager to know that a newer version of the Texture Packs will be added in the 0.15.0 rollout. What is new about these is that besides having the content of the previous Texture Packs, these will also have the capability to add new music, upgrade models, and adjust the in-game animation. These new features to the game allow the player a certain leeway to customize according to need.

It was also announced that the anti-aliasing option will be added, but the control for turning off the Animated Water will be taken out in this newer version. Players who experienced a lag when turning this feature on will be glad to know the issue has been attended to. More graphics options were also hinted at for the upcoming update.

It looks like new blocks may also be part of the 0.15.0. Version-exclusive animation on Pistons and Sticky Pistons will also be rolled out. Redstone-related blocks were hinted at but may or may not be included in this particular update.

There has been some buzz regarding the addition of version-exclusive non-playable characters (NPCs) with possible dialogue.On the part of fans, there has been some calls for more multi-player options, more biomes, and still some more blocks.

Gamers can see that this is going to be one heavy update. And there is the assurance that it may come really soon.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: 0.15.0 Update Release