I know that many Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] players have been anxiously waiting for redstone to be added to the game, and we are finally very, very close to at least trying to build amazing contraptions. MCPE developer, Tomasso Checchi, mentioned out of nowhere the other day that the 0.13 update had been submitted to Apple a while ago. The quite short cycle of this update bodes well for the game's future because in the past, we had to wait a lot between updates. Now, the road to version parity appears to be both shorter and smoother. Depending on when the update was actually submitted, we might even get it this week, which would be great.

In case you haven't been following the game's news, the 0.13 update will bring redstone circuits, redstone lamps, redstone torches, levers, tripwire hooks and tripwire, daylight sensor, pressure plates, buttons, weighted pressure plates, detector rails, activator rails, trapped chests, note blocks, faster boats (finally), bouncing rabbits, iron doors, desert temples, and more. No pistons or dispensers, yet. This is a pretty huge update that will help me add a steampunk aesthetic to my castle. Trust me, simply being able to walk into your castle without having to manually open the door (courtesy of pressure plates) saves so much time.

‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition' 0.13 (Redstone) Update Has Already Been Submitted for Review