It’s almost official, Minecraft: Pocket Edition‘s [$6.99] 0.12 update should hit our iPhones and iPads next week, and I’m very excited about it. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve played countless hours of Minecraft on PC, and although I’ve played MCPE quite a bit too, it never clicked in the same way because of a few important features missing from the mobile version, the sneak button being one of them. Finally, we are a few days away from MCPE quickening its pace towards parity with the PC version, and I can’t wait. According to MCPE developer Tommaso Checchi, the 0.12 update, which will add rain and snow, Hunger, Sneaking, Sprinting, the Nether, controller support, and more, should drop around September the 8th.

While this update is a big step towards making MCPE even more fun to play, it’s only the first step since according to the developers, many more features should be hitting MCPE soon. One of the main features that should be coming shortly after 0.12 is the much-requested redstone circuits, a feature that really expands building possibilities. By the way, if you are on Android, you’ll be able to continue testing new features as early as next week. I hope all goes as planned and the update comes out next week so I can start building my little home in survival mode on our Mobcrush channel.

‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ 0.12 Update Should Hit iOS Around September 8th