It seems like the whole mobile-focused corner of the internet is reaching astronomical hype levels which can only be described by using the Lennie emoticon for the impending release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] version 0.12. Like most Minecraft updates, a bunch of new stuff is going to be added, but I’m most excited for redstone which allows players to build basic electronic circuitry in game… Which people of course have taken to the extremes of creating computer processors, in game, using redstone.


Anyway, bad news, while the update was supposed to land today, it’s apparently still in App Store review purgatory over at Apple. It’s really kind of fascinating that this even happens to huge releases like Minecraft, but, hey, that’s our walled garden.

So, I guess this week will be the week of obsessing over when the iOS (and Android) games get randomly updated… Which is super fun for people like us, who already had a story written expecting the update to go live now and not me posting this weird “Actually, it’s not coming yet” post instead.

‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ 0.12 Update Likely Won’t Be Released Today