Minecraft-Pocket-Edition-681x383Minecraft is without any doubts one of the most played games out there. The game is available for consoles, computers, tables and smart phones. The best thing about Minecraft is that it can be fun for both children and adults, as well.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition comes with both Creative and Survival modes and can be played even ion multiplayer mode via a local Wi-Fi network. So, in case you have a friend that enjoys playing Minecraft, we suggest you to connect to the same Wi-Fi network and start playing together this awesome game in multiplayer mode.

The Minecraft: Pocket Edition game comes with mobs, villages, new biomes and infinite worlds. You will have to craft items, create buildings and explore the Minecraft world and protect yourself against the evil creatures that come at night.

However, in case you install the modified version of Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.12.1, you will be able to activate the immortality cheat and make sure that you survive every night in Minecraft even if you didn’t finish building your “safe” house.

Installing Minecraft Pocked Edition version 0.12.1 Alpha Build 6 MOD

In order to install APK files that have not been downloaded from the Google Play Store, you will need to enable the Unknown Source option by going to your device’s Settings->Applications or Settings->Security. Once you enable this option, you will just need to download the Minecraft Pocked Edition version 0.12.1 Alpha Build 6 MOD APK file from the internet (search for it on Google). Once you’ve downloaded the APK file, tap on it to start installing this modified Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.12.1 on your Android device.

You’re done! Now you can use the immortality cheat and be immune to any monster in Minecraft Pocket Edition!

Have you installed the Minecraft Pocked Edition version 0.12.1 Alpha Build 6 MOD on your Android device? Tell us your thoughts about it!

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.1 Alpha Build 6 MOD APK Download Available