Minecraft Minecon 2015

Mojang have just released a brand new beta build of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, version 0.11.0 beta 6.

The news was announced Johan Bernhardsson, a game developer at Mojang, who has been working on Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Speaking on the social networking website Twitter, Bernhardsson simply revealed that “Beta 6 released” followed by “still no skin packs but we are working on them.”

Despite skin packs not being included the team is one step closer, as a new feature that has been added is the “skin selection player model rotation”. The only other new feature is that players are now able to swap the items then have equipped on the selection bar.

According to Tommaso Checchi Mojang hasn’t managed to fix as many this as they had hoped; commenting “MCPE build 6 is out! We’ve all been part of those ‘large team’ talks so it doesn’t fix too many things, though”. The meetings Checchi is speaking of are synchronization talks between the Mojang team and those based in Redmond who are also working on Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Here’s a complete list of bug fixes that are included in Build 0.11.0 beta 6:

  • Fixed items in chest not saving when quitting
  • Creative/survival mode change works again
  • Always Day switch works again
  • Edited world names are now saved
  • Corrected entity duplication in multiplayer
  • Spawned players will now have the correct rotation without interpolation
  • Creative list was incorrect sometimes after connecting to a server
  • Fixed a cause of lag on the world list under slow networks
  • Fixed possible attacks by servers on server list
  • Fixed crash after death and respawning multiple times
  • Fixed crash when disconnecting from server
  • Riding non-existent entities on multiplayer could crash the game
  • Bubble meter no longer gets reset on death screen

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11 Beta 6 Released