minecraft story mode

According to the game's developer Mojang, new features and improvements to the PC version of the game have become available. You can check out the full list of the improvements below:

  • Rebalanced armour.
  • Changed damage & protection enchantments to match new armor system.
  • Fixed a few AI bugs across lots of mobs.
  • Made endermen creepy again.
  • Vwooop.
  • More optimisations! Many optimisations!
  • Added player collision again.
  • Fishing rods can now catch entities properly again.
  • Added team-based options for collision.
  • The world may corrupt slightly less times now! Or slightly more, we're not sure!
  • I like hugs!

As you can see, they are focusing on some tweaks to the gameplay such as the armor system. Players can now have enchantments on the armour system.

Earlier in the year, “Minecraft: Story Mode” was announced. Telltale Games, which are the makers of hits such as “The Walking Dead” and “The Wolf Among Us,” will be creating the game. Like the previous games, it will be released in six different episodes. According to reports, only the first episode will be available on the disc version. In the past, Telltale Games released all of its episode on one disc. If you buy the disc version, you will have to buy the rest of the episodes online.

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