“Minecraft” players have developed all types of ways to test their abilities to battle the merciless and blocky world of “Minecraft.” The famous sandbox game is one of the most played games by kids nowadays. “Minecraft” is also available on android apps on Google Play.

Soon the famous sandbox game or “Minecraft” will be playable on Oculus Virtual Reality Visors. As stated on our previous report, Oculus rift support for the game “Minecraft” means that Redmond will use its most loved brand to make PC owners upgrade to the latest desktop Operating Service.

Virtual reality in the game “Minecraft” is a dream for fans. According to TechRunch, the virtual reality version for “Minecraft” will be available in the next few weeks. But the said game will only run on Windows 10 Edition Beta. And it was supposed to be released with the 0.15.6 version of the beta.

On other news, the main element for survival in vanilla “Minecraft” is through hard core mode. The difficulty of hard core mode is up to max by increasing the strength and spawn rate of mobs, but most importantly by instituting permanent death.

According to Kotaku, the hard core mode feature has been around since the 1.0.0 update. But before that, players developed their own rules for a hard core mode, and these were based on an honour system rather than game mechanics.

Players who have previewed the Virtual Reality “Minecraft” experience seem to generally enjoy it. So it is likely to be a launch Virtual Reality fans follow pretty closely. It could even be big enough to drive some additional headset sales.

‘Minecraft' News & Update: Game Will Feature Virtual Reality Support; What Is Hardcore Mode For Vanilla ‘Minecraft'?